About Us

Inland Counties Legal Services, Inc. is a nonprofit organization providing legal services to low-income persons residing in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. ICLS targets services to seniors and those in the greatest social or economic need. Legal services are provided by attorneys, or paralegals under the direct supervision of an attorney. Levels of service include advice and counsel, limited action (includes negotiations and preparation of legal documents), as well as direct representation before administrative law and civil courts.ICLS provides legal assistance in a variety areas of law, the nine practice groups are: Outreach, Consumer, Housing, Family Law, Immigration, Systemic and Impact, Health Law and Public Benefits, Tax and Bankruptcy, and Education.

Our office locations and phone numbers are publicly available here.


Darrell K. Moore, Esq., Executive Director



Dianne L. Woodcroft, Esq., Director of Policy and Training


Practice Group Directors

Greg Armstrong, Esq., Consumer Practice Group Director

Cara Whisler, Esq., Family Law and Domestic Violence Practice Group Director

Tessie Cross, Esq., Health Law and Public Benefits Practice Group Director

Pablo Ramirez, Esq.  - Housing Practice Group Director

Tanawa Lebretton, Esq.  - Immigration Practice Group Director

Mischa Jackson-Kennedy, Esq.,  Intake and Outreach Practice Group Director

Sang Banh, Esq., Systemic and Impact Litigation Practice Group Director

Tori Praul, Esq., Tax and Bankruptcy Practice Group Director

Our Board of Directors

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